photo by  Ceri Oxman  (2018)

photo by Ceri Oxman (2018)

Nicholas Kristiansen

(b. 1997)

Hello, my name is Nicholas and I´m a 6ft 6 tall Norwegian boy who moved away from little Norway to start my career in England.

I am currently studying (BA) HONS Fashion Photography at Falmouth University whilst traveling around England to work. The last year I have been interning and assisting photographers, worked with designers and brands and built up a small network in the fashion industry - but I am always looking for new exciting opportunities, so hit me up and lets work together. 



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Shortlisted for Diversity Now x i-D - Hosted by All Walks Beyond the Catwalk & Artsthread (2017)

Finalist in The Norwegian Youth Festival of Art (2015)

Glemmy Awards (2015)



INTRO by Mayn Creative - January 2018
FLESH Issue II by Flesh Media - July 2018